Drugs are for sick people. That is true whether you use them under the care of your doctor or you are using them to escape reality. Prescription drugs can be very beneficial but just as deadly as their street counter parts. Prescription drugs are in just about every home in America. What makes them so dangerous is their close proximity to children.

I, like many families, have a medicine cabinet filled with almost empty pill bottles. Many of them are bottles that contain one or two pills. Some of those pills are controlled substances. Perhaps they were pain medication from a dental procedure or something similar. There is nothing wrong or illegal in having those pills, but since they are no longer needed they are a ticking time bomb sitting on a shelf. There is a proper way to dispose of them.

Louisiana State Police want to help you rid your home of prescription medicines you no longer need. This Saturday at all State Police offices expired, unwanted and unused medications may be dropped off between the hours of 10am and 2pm. This is part of National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Last year over 740-thousand pounds of prescription medications were taken and disposed of by police agencies across America.

This take back program is not limited to just prescription drugs. Over the counter medicines that have expired or are no longer needed may also be dropped off too. Both solid and liquid medication can be turned in. Items that will not be accepted include intra-venous solutions, injectables and syringes.  For directions to the nearest State Police office you can visit the State Police website or dial *LSP on your wireless phone.