There are people in life who don't take anything too seriously, remain positive, and always look at the cup half full. Those people live a longer, happier life. It's so easy to let yourself stress over miniscule things, but it's time to change that. Here are 5 great ways to stay young at heart.

  1. Stress Less- stop living in a world of chaos. If you view things as stressful and let yourself get bent out of shape, you will always be a Negative Nancy. Plus, stressing makes you age and that ain't good!
  2. Get off the couch and get moving! Being physical helps your brain release endorphins which eases your mind and calms your soul. Whether it's a two mile jog or a yoga session, it reaps several benefits.
  3. Love and be loved. Enjoy the people in your life. If you show people your kindness and love, you will get the same in return. Doing nice things for people is the best way to feel like a genuine human being.
  4. Eat healthy, but enjoy guilt food in moderation. We all can make a couple alternatives to our diet- instead of eating a hamburger for dinner, make a turkey burger, but don't completely take away the good stuff. It's OK to enjoy a candy bar or chili cheese fries here and there.
  5. Do mental aerobics. Crossword puzzles, scrabble, Sudoku are great ways to get your brain thinking and revived. My grandma does crossword puzzles every day and she is as smart as a whip. Always challenge your mind.