It is hard to believe there are places not far from here that are suffering the worst drought in decades. Here in Acadiana we are doing just fine, maybe a little too fine with rainfall.At the official Lafayette measuring station we are 2.35 inches above normal rainfall for the month of August.

Today could be another day of off and on showers and thunderstorms. Natalie Noah at KATC TV 3 officially has the forecast for rain listed at 60% coverage.


Why did we get so much rain yesterday and have such a good chance of showers today? An old frontal boundary is sitting basically on top of us and that means instability in the atmosphere. Along this frontal zone there have been upper level disturbances that will kick up the energy in the atmosphere and turn that into rain.

The prospects for severe weather are low but the potential for heavy downpours, frequent lightning and even the tropical funnel cloud can't be ruled out. I guess this is just a fancy way of saying, bring your umbrella with you when you go to church, out to shop or over to visit a friends house. For those of you who plan on being a lot less mobile, it is going to be a great day to catch a nap.