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Drunk Man Attempts To Jump 7 Chairs [Video]
The sport is chair jumping and I am guessing it has not moved to the professional level just yet. From the looks of this video all one needs to be a chair jumper is some office chairs, several bottles of booze and a Foosball table to gentle rest your head upon at the end of your attempt.
Worst Basketball Fake Flop Ever [Video]
Acting in sports to give your team an advantage is a tried and true function of the game. In this case the foul is legitimate, the reaction is not. This may be the worst sports acting job I have ever seen!
4 Phrases That Should Get You Punched
Let’s be honest. Most of what we say on a daily basis is complete nonsense. Between complaining about last night’s American Idol results, and discussing the pros and cons of choosing Taco Bell over Subway for lunch, we tend to say a lot of dumb stuff...

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