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Diet Soda and Fast Food at Its Best
Luke was leaving campus today and decided to swing by A Burger Joint and get a burger. He took notice to the guy in front ordering his food.  Who was that "guy?"  That was me!  I mean I am a college student and campus is just across the street.
Tour of 97.3 The Dawg Studio – [Video]
I always was curious to see what kind of stuff goes on in the studio.  So I'll share with you what it looks like!  And it was always weird to see the "person behind the voice" so here I am!  Eww he's goofy looking.
Brad in the studio
Brad Vincent’s Top Three Airline Agitations
Well I assume that you or someone you know has flown before, but we all know what happens when you"assume."
All the new safety precautions can be a bit crazy. I just took a trip to Nashville and here are my Top 3 Airport Agitations.
3 Things Women Wish Men Understood
First of all I'm a single 20 year old male.  Second, I've done some research!  And here is what I've found out about what you ladies really don't care about, and what really drives you crazy.  Correct me if any of these are wrong, please. You know what you like in …
Planking, Owling…. Canning?
Brad had another one of his hair-brained ideas again and decided to start the trend instead of following it!
Canning, hmm sounds simple enough, find a trashcan, set it up somewhere, and lay in it somehow.
Could this turn into a new fad...

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