Check Out Cool Things Made From Old Cassette Tapes
When I got married, I had to round up all my things from my bachelor pad and get ready to move in with my wife. As you can imagine, not all of my things made the cut. One of those things being my giant Rubbermaid tub of old cassette tapes. At the time, I didn't mind tossin' em...
Kid Breaks Wine Glass With His Voice [Video]
Here we see a fine young man holding a wine glass. Now this being the year 2012 we aren't sure exactly what he is going to do with that wine glass but we know it's going to be cool because it is on YouTube. Sure enough the little son of gun delivers in a big way!
Cassette Tapes Making A Comeback?
MP3's, iPads, iPods...who knew there was still room for the humble cassette tape? The term was even deleted from the Concise English Oxford Dictionary this summer to make way for more modern terms like "Re-tweet". Not so English Majors...