Proof To Show How Odd Cats Can Be [Video]
If you have a cat, you know how weird and bizarre he or she can be. I'm not sure what it is about cats, but I believe it would be quite interesting to know what a cat is thinking at certain times. I have found the most perfect piece of evidence that proves how odd cats can be.
A Washing Machine For Cats [Video]
Giving a cat a bath just got easier and a whole lot more fun to watch. This poor cat is terrified to be in this machine but at least he will come out clean. I can only imagine the kind of revenge this cat is plotting against its owner for doing this.
This is Real: Grumpy Cat Has Inspired a Feature Film
To date, books, lives, records, songs, board games, video games, and coupons have served as inspirations for cinema (well, all except for the last one, that was just a 'Mr. Show' sketch). But now memes are joining that list as Grumpy Cat, the internet sensation, has been optioned as the su…

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