Christmas Tree

10 Festive (and Brilliant) Christmas Tree Alternatives
The Christmas tree is a classic symbol of the holiday season and sometimes, maybe the best way to get in the holiday mood. You put an evergreen tree in the middle of your living room, decorate it with lights, ornaments and tinsel, and—boom—Christmas spirit...
The History of the Christmas Tree
Christmas would not be complete if we didn't have a big, beautiful Christmas tree in our living room. Have you ever wondered where and when the Christmas tree originated and became a must-have symbol of Christmas? I have the answers for you, and it's actually pretty cool, y'all!
Great Tip to Keep Your Christmas Tree Alive
Many people have changed over to the artificial Christmas Trees because it was too hard with a real tree.  You might have heard us talk about how we water our tree here every night, but it isn't holding up!  A local Christmas Tree expert tells us what we need to do.
It is the question many of  us will be asking over the next week or so, How do we get rid of the fire hazard that used to be our Christmas Tree? Well I think these young lads in this video may just have a solution the whole family will enjoy...
World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree
There are a few folks in our neighborhood that go over the top in their holiday decorations. To each his own I guess, but when you are in the middle of a Muslim nation is a Christmas tree of any description exactly what you'd expect to find?

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