Do You Call It Soda or Pop…or Maybe Coke?
I stumbled upon this story where some smart folks at Harvard University broke down regional vocabulary for several words. The one that stuck out to me the most was the terms used for soft drinks -- "soda" or "pop".
What’s the Real Story Behind the Popular Soft Drink Coca-Cola?
Nothing could be more American than sitting down with your friends, in a restaurant or during the big game, and enjoying a great big glass of Coca-Cola, right? Coca-Cola means Santa Claus, family outings and summertime fun… in other words, pure Americana.
So, what does Coca-Cola have to do wit…
Coca-Cola Says Its Secret Recipe is Still a Secret
Well darn, just when we thought we could start making the stuff at home in our bathtubs comes this disturbing word that the alleged secret formula that's been buzzing around the Internet isn't the real McCoy. I can't imagine something as valuable as the secret to the most popular soft drink in the w…