Cold Weather

Shocking Truth About Cold Weather And Static Electricity
The shocking truth behind all of this shocking that seems to happen anytime the temperatures get cold. Here is how you can prevent giving someone you love a static shock. Or here is how you can build up a lot of electricity in your body and really shock someone you don't really like.
6 Most Comforting Foods To Eat When The Weather Is Cold
It's cold out there, y'all! I think one of the best parts about cold weather is the hot, comforting foods we enjoy eating. There's nothing like coming home to a hot pot of some deliciousness on the stove. Check out these awesome, cold weather foods and see if you agree!
Lafayette Weather – Roller Coaster Temperatures On The Way
This morning the temperature in some of the Northern Rocky States is nearly 100 degrees colder than it is in Acadiana. While we are starting our day at 70 degrees, those places are dealing with sub zero temperatures and wind chill factors that seem more like the dark side of the moon.
Winter Myths!
Just some stuff to help you through your cold night!  Stay warm...and let me know after you read these myths about the Winter, if you believe them.

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