Dance Like Nobody Is Watching [Video]
There are two dancers in this video. One dances to impress and she is quite good. The other dances because the music won't allow her to sit still. While both performers are amazing in their own special way, only one has embraced the music with a part of her being that can not be taught.
Beyonce Clown Dance Goes Horribly Wrong [Video]
You might remember a song that swept the pop charts last year that had a dance all the kids were doing. Do you remember the Beyonce song All The Single Ladies? It spawned a lot of videos of people recreating that dance. Some of the renditions were very good. Some of the renditions were quite comical…
You Too Can Moonwalk [Video]
How can a portly white guy learn to do the step that made the King of Pop an even bigger icon? All I need is confidence and a great instructional video.
Mardi Gras Dos & Don’ts For First Timers
Mardi Gras is fast approaching and soon guest bedrooms and couches will be filled with out-of-town friends and family looking to enjoy the festival season. In order to ensure these first timers have just as good a time as long time Mardi Gras veterans, here are a few dos and don’ts to pass al…
5 Types of Dance That Will Get You Beach Ready
It is almost Mardi Gras and with all of the parties, king cakes, and alcohol many of us have probably forgot about our New Years Resolution:  to get into shape.  Before we know it will be a week until Spring Break and looking in the mirror will not be a pleasant sight.  However...
Parents: Tellers Of Truth, Destroyers Of Dreams [Video]
I remember the wise words my Dad said to me after I tried out for the baseball team when I was 11 years old. When I asked him how I did, he replied, "Son there has to be somebody up in the stands to watch the game, and it looks like that somebody is going to be you". With that my dreams of…

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