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The Dukes Of Hazzard European Style [Video]
As our broadcast brother Earl Pitts will tell you, Redneck is not just a Southern thing, it's a world wide way of life. No body exemplified the Redneck life quite as eloquently as the Duke boys from TV's Dukes of Hazzard. Bo and Luke Duke showed the entire world each week just what Redneck…
Roy Clark Is Not Dead [Video]
If you heard our buddy Earl Pitts this morning, you may have gone straight to your computer to check on the status of the legendary Roy Clark. Earl may have insinuated that Mr. Clark is no longer with us.
Uh… My Eyes Are Up Here!
As a fellow I think I may have done this accidentally, you know, not look a pretty girl right in the eyes when I am talking with her. Okay it's a man thing, are we wrong for it? Earl Pitts was discussing it this morning on his commentary. Staring at a woman's chest is actually good for a m…