Money Can Buy Happiness! [Video]
This is one of those great "brother" moments. If you grew up with a brother then you know what I am talking about. Brothers have a tendency to bet, challenge, force or manipulate each other into doing some interesting things.
The House Almost Anyone Can Afford [Video]
Enter ingenuity and a little out of the box thinking. Or maybe we should say in the box thinking, literally. For a little over four thousand dollars this mom not only has a great place to live but has taken recycling to the extreme.
50 Of The Years Best Viral Videos [Video]
We pretty much run the gambit from the Eharmony girl who loves cats to the mountain bike rider that gets knocked out by an antelope. There is the video of the baby twins speaking baby language and the guy who swears a tornado stole his burger and fries. These were the 50 videos that the internet fel…
Taylor Swift Wants 10 Kids !?!
Taylor Swift is thoroughly enjoying her life in the spotlight, and what else could she really need? The chart-topping songstress has millions of fans, countless awards and even more hit singles. And though she doesn’t currently have a boyfriend, Swift told ‘60 Minutes‘ th…

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