Nature’s Turn Ons – 8 Ways To Guarantee Some Lovin’
Does your love life need to be spiced up?  Well, if the common aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, oysters, and red wine aren't doing the trick, I got something else for you. I found the 8 most common turn-ons and I want to know if you agree or disagree. Next time you're in need of some g…
A Boy, A Dog, A Heartwarming Connection [Video]
The beauty of the experience that we call life seems to lie in the celebration of our differences and the connection that we have on the planet with all living things. There is a lesson here; love is patient, love is kind and it connects all creatures great and small.
Will This be the Story that Changes Your World? [Video]
As Christmas time approaches we are often reminded that it is more than giving and getting material gifts. This video opened my eyes to the greatest gift anyone could ever give or receive! What is that gift?  It is a secret that is about to be shared with you.

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