that had to hurt

Florida Man Dies After Roach Eating Contest
Eating a big ol’ juicy bug is one of those things a guy’s gotta do at least once in his life. It’s like drinking bull testicle beer--a one-time-BAM-done kind of deal that’s a true testament to one’s manhood.
Stupid Bet Goes Hilariously Wrong [Video]
When it comes to making bets we men are the kings. When it comes to helping us make stupid bets, alcohol is our best friend. Let's face it, we've all made an irrational statement that we have had to back up with major embarrassment or a trip to the emergency room after having one too many …
Parkour, The Fine Art Of….Wait Where Did He Go? [Video]
The past couple of years the sport of Parkour has been sweeping the world. Parkour from my observation is the fine art of running across the roofs of buildings and leaping on the roofs of other buildings.
There is also a good deal of wall climbing, stair jumping and other foolish physical activity a …
Incredible Psychic Policeman [Video]
Most of my friends who work in law enforcement will tell you they are not surprised by anything they see and hear while on the job. It is the cautious curiosity that keeps them always on their toes and ever vigilant for the unexpected. Even though the officer did say what was about to happen could h…

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