13 Secret Fears None Of Us Want To Experience In Real Life
Life's little faux pas that become legendary fails, this is what you will find here. What's something you hope to never see in a locker room? What's the worst thing that can happen to you at a friends house? What does your dog know that could ruin your life? These are the irrational f…
New Polish Ice Toilet Guaranteed to Ruin Your Day
Anyone who has ever used the public transportation system in America knows that sometimes the conditions can be less than favorable for providing a comfortable, odor-free travel experience. However, sitting next to a crowd of people that smell like an old, musty jockstrap is nothing compared to ridi…
Cops in Colorado Arrest Toilet Thief
A man named Donald Allen Citron was arrested last week for allegedly dismantling toilets throughout Colorado and selling the parts for scrap. A plumber by trade, Citron made quick work of the commodes at the University of Denver, the Southwest Plaza Mall, a Taco Bell and other locations.