I know I am showing my age, I used the word album. For you kids in the audience there was a time not too long ago when we didn't download songs or buy CD's. We went to a place called a record shop and there, stacked like Pringles in box, were these magnificent square pieces of art work called album covers. The album cover was something you read while you listen to the album on your turntable. You also used the album cover for other activities that resulted in a strange desire to eat twinkies and french fries. Sometimes it was the picture on the album cover that sold you, in this case the picture might make you wet yourself with laughter. Ladies and Gentlemen, climb in the way-back machine with me now and let's enjoy the 10 worst album covers you might ever see.

 Now there were some great album covers if my somewhat foggy memory serves me correctly. I think these are some of the most iconic covers in music history. Was the music inside good? I will leave that your memory button to decide.

 All in all I think downloads are nice but there is nothing like slapping a piece of vinyl on the stereo and settling back with a box of Bugles, a Mountain Dew and a can of Cheese Whiz and reading, yes reading another lost art, the liner notes while your new purchase snapped crackled and popped in the speakers.