The red light goes on and all the world is watching. That is the life of a TV personality. On the radio we don't have to worry about what you see, only what you hear but on TV that idea of moving pictures opens up a whole new way to have fun.

How many times have you seen the local weatherman go to a shot of the outside from a traffic camera or a camera high atop a local building? Usually it's the same thing every time, a picture of the blue skies of a sunny day or the clouds or at night some moving headlights. This weatherman in Paducah Kentucky gave his viewers quite a surprise the other night when an unexpected image showed up on the camera positioned high above street level.

Some prankster knew the weather man would be coming to that shot and he made sure that he and his rubber chicken were there for their close up! I am sure there were questions being asked by a lot of people after the shot ran a fowl on live TV.