tv bloopers

Hilarious News Blooper [Video]
I love hearing from people who want to help us do a better job of being a better radio station. Then there are critics that just have to voice their opinion to make themselves feel better. I guess that is why they do what they do and say what they say. This is one of those cases and the critique com…
TV Anchorwoman Turns Into Puppet [Video]
This is a video that would make our TV friend Tracy Wirtz and our ventriloquist friend Jeff Dunham very proud. Sometimes in the world of TV the boys in the booth point the camera at the wrong person, watch how this perceptive anchorwoman responds.
A Labor Day Tribute – Dirty Jobs Outakes [Video]
This is the day we celebrate working people. You know the people that get up every day and bust their back sides so the nonworking people can get free cheese and complain about not having enough. Well this isn't a day for the slackers, this is a day for us...
TV Host Gets The Bird On Live TV [Video]
Alright first things first, get your mind out of the gutter! This isn't one of those stories about one TV personality giving the finger to another, it's a story about sharks. Really, it is about a shark reportedly living in a lake in Australia...

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