This past Saturday thousands of fresh young minds were released from the structure and safety of the school that they have known of the past 12 years and told to go make a difference. There were speeches about the past, the future, and of course changing the world. It all sounds good when you're dressed in a suit and your grandparents have driven in for the week end. The sad truth about graduation is they don't tell you the truth, that's why I am here. Here are some things that every graduate should know.



Your Friends: They won't be your friends for much longer. You will probably keep up with them on Facebook and see them over the summer and then they will drift away like the clouds of dust behind a truck on a rural parish road.The reason I bring this up is because for so many years they have been your world. Their opinions and actions have shaped you and your opinion of your self. I hope you chose that circle of friend wisely because even though  you won't really see them again until the class reunion they are going to be part of who you are for a long time.Incidentally, the friends you were closest too in school won't be the ones you find yourself close to later in  your life. One other thing, if your friends from high school left you with less than a stellar opinion of yourself, chances are they were wrong.

Certificates Of Participation: These awards for just showing up are no longer included in  your life. In college they couldn't care less whether or not you make it class, had a  headache or couldn't find a place to park. In the real world of working people they are even less forgiving.  You are not entitled to any special treatment just because you draw a breath. You will have to earn respect from everybody. Get used to failing, it is the only thing that makes you stronger. Unless you let it stop you from achieving your dreams your failures will become your greatest moments because they will ultimately make stronger.

You Will Finally Learn To Like Good Music: I know you think the music you listen to now is the best music ever made on the planet. It isn't, unless you listen to 97.3 The Dawg. A lot of the dance tunes and booty music that you shake your money maker to in the clubs will go by the wayside and you'll be forced to live in the past on some very sad Friday morning oldies show.

It's good that you have your music now but I can tell you in 20 years, you will be embarrassed by the song your class chose to represent you through out eternity. Something happens to music the older you get, you learn to appreciate the songs that tell the story of your life, your love and your deepest fears and emotions. Oddly enough in 20 years you won't give a rodents rear end about getting high in the club, wearing bling or hooking up with a person whose profession is the same as a long handled garden tool.

Money: You don't know anything about it. You think you do but you don't. Take the time to learn about savings accounts, the stock market, 401k accounts and believe it or not life insurance. Up until now your idea of money has been what your parents would give you or what you could pilfer from your Mom's purse. You may have had a part time job and earned a little cash there but chances are you blew that on an iPhone, Apps, or some other piece of technology that is already obsolete.

Money is transportation, the more you have the faster you can go and the easier it is to get there. Learn how to make it work for you and not let it become your master.

Some Days: This is probably my most important point to make to you. Some days are good, some days aren't that's what we call life. You should learn to embrace the good, deal with bad and don't let your life be ruled by expectations. Your life is what you make it. If you choose to make it incredible it will be. If you choose to focus on the things that that you don't have then you will bring about more need into your life. Don't be afraid to dream, those are the best days you will ever have.