Phones are stolen left and right all of the time.  During Festival International (after one too many beers) my friend unconsciously placed her iPhone on the hood of a random car and forgot it was there.  Yes I agree, stupidity on her part.  However, when our phone is stolen by someone else we wonder where to go from there?  Not having a phone for almost 24 hours is like not having air to breath.  No good!  

Here are five important and helpful steps to take when your iPhone has gone MIA:

1.) Download the "Find my iPhone" app.  Our nifty iPhones have a built-in GPS. The app will help you locate the phone geographically. However, don't barge into a stranger's house demanding for your phone back... call the police for help.
2.)  If you were given an iPhone through company or employer, notify them immediately of the theft. This will help you because the smart IT guy could be able to prevent the thief from accessing important information.
3.) Immediately change important passwords.  Log onto your e-mail, iTunes, banking, etc to change any passwords.
4.) Call your cell phone provider and have them disable your number.
5.) Lastly, contact anyone who is important such as family or friends.  Let them know not to call or text your number.

Hopefully no one will have to experience a stolen phone, but if it does happen remember these five, simple tips!