So as we sit on the cusp of a new year what can we change? Maybe lose some weight, read our Bible a little more often, go visit relatives in the nursing home? What about on the job? Could we make conditions there a little more bearable? Well give a click below and see if it's you or your coworker that could use the resolution for the new year.

 When two people fall in love, they only see sunshine and rainbows when they look into each other's eyes. If you asked, "What's the worst trait of your boyfriend or girlfriend?" they would answer, "Absolutely, positively nothing!"

So what bugs you the most about your office mate? Is it the personal phone calls, the really strong cologne, the eating of bar-b-que at the desk? Click below and see what is creating the biggest problems for good folks like yourself.

(via 10 Worst Work Habits.)

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