Living a healthy life can be quite difficult when we live in a world filled with temptations, sweet cravings and drive-thrus. No one is 100 percent healthy every single day of their life. However, we can try to be healthy at least 5 days out of the week. Try to incorporate these small, easy changes into your daily life and you will reap the benefits.

These 10 fabulous, health tips can really help you live a longer, happier life.

  1. Eat your breakfast. Studies prove that people who skip breakfast tend to gain more weight. You don't have to get out of bed and cook a gourmet meal. Greek yogurt, high-fiber cereal, or a boiled egg are simple and nutritious.
  2. Take care of your pearly whites. Teeth are the gems of our mouth. Most people don't floss every day like they should. Flossing really helps fight bad breath, gingivitis, and even whitens the teeth.
  3. Give without expecting to receive. Help someone out when they need a hand, or do a nice favor for someone. Small acts of kindness actually makes you feel better in the end.
  4. Drink your milk. Calcium is super important because it keeps your bones strong and your teeth white. According to American Bone Health, bone density declines after the age of 30.
  5. Berry up! Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are great for your belly. They contain powerful antioxidants which help fight cancer, and keep you slim.
  6. Tomatoes are the stars of the veggie/fruit world. Tomatoes contain powerful cancer fighters such as lycopene; they are also rich in vitamin C. Eat as many tomatoes as you can, raw or cooked.
  7. Drink H20. Water is extremely important for your body. Not only does it keep your insides running well, it keeps you fresh and glowing on the outside. Here's a tip:  try to always have a water bottle nearby and sip even when you aren't feeling thirsty.
  8. Get moving! Whether it be running two miles every day or a calming, yoga session, being physical is the key to feeling confident about yourself.
  9. Wash your hands. Germs spread like crazy, so to prevent getting sick, wash your hands after work/school, before you eat, and after shaking people's hands.
  10. Feel free to laugh.... and cry. Laughing is nature's best medicine. There really is nothing better than a good, belly-bouncing laugh. Also, a good cry is sometimes helpful. Go ahead, let the tears flow.

Let's try to live a somewhat healthier life!

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