If you have not yet watched Bluey with your children, you are missing out on what is truly the best children's show on TV.

I grew up in an era of memorable kids' shows. The worst part about sick days during the school year was being sick, but undoubtedly the best was the awesome television available for kids during the day. Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. lineup was solid, PBS was hit-or-miss at best, but in recent years it's been Disney with the absolute best material out there.

Technically, Bluey isn't a Disney show. It's produced on Australian public television and distributed there. But Disney got the rights to air it in the United States, and it's taken the country by storm in both viewing and in merchandise.

The show airs in Australia first and is released several months later in the U.S. The third season has been wrapped up for a while but just dropped on Disney+, the popular streaming network, on August 10.

The show follows Bluey, the main character, who has a younger sister named Bingo. They live with their mom, Chilly (who works for airport security) and dad, Bandit (who is an archeologist) in Australia. That's right - the mom is a police dog at the airport and the dad digs up bones. Each episode, which is only about seven minutes long, follows the (sometimes chaotic) adventures of Bluey, Bingo, and their parents through every day life. Sometimes it's just the family playing a game. Sometimes they're in the car going on errands. Other times they're at school.

What makes the show one of the best is that it isn't just about learning lessons, discovering your imagination, and things like that for the kids. The adults in the show are some of the most relatable characters on television. Bandit is, frankly, the type of dad I wish I could be when I grow up, and Chilly is the perfect balance of loving, active mother and homemaker (when she's not at work).

The parenting legends are so popular among Bluey's audience that there are massive Facebook groups devoted entirely to sharing memes about the show and discussing parenting and marriage issues.

It's inspired new parenting communities while getting praise from longtime communities like The Dad.

bluey meme

If your kids haven't been exposed to Bluey yet, I highly recommend giving it a try. It's way better than Cocomelon for sure, and I still think Canada unleashing Caillou on America was an act of war. All three seasons of Bluey are currently available on Disney+.

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