There are certain states that are synonymous with country music. When you think of the genre, you naturally think of places like Tennessee and Texas.

Over the last few years, places like Oklahoma and Georgia have become a hotbed for producing some major country superstars.

As we know, in our great state of Louisiana, we're a big ole gumbo pot full of great music -- from Cajun to Zydeco, Jazz to Swamp Pop, we've got it all.

But let's not forget that we do love us some country music here in "The Boot". And when you get to thinking back and doing a little research, this state has produced some really strong country artists over the years.

It was a really tough task, but I do think this turned out to be a formidable "Top 10" list.

I do want to acknowledge a few artists that did not quite make the list, but are most deserving of cracking the top 10.

I left off current or recent artists such as Hunter Hayes, Dylan Scott, Andy Griggs and Jordan Davis.

And then there are some legends that had great careers that also deserve an honorable mention, including Jimmy C. Newman and Jerry Lee Lewis.

The latter was particularly tough to leave off the list. But due to the fact that he may fit more in the rock-n-roll category, we decided to leave him off.

At any rate, here they are, our list of the 10 best all-time country artists from Louisiana.

10 Best Country Artists from Louisiana

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