It is no secret that before any football game there will be some good tailgating involving a little to eat and often times a lot to drink.

But what NFL city boozes it up more than all the other 31?

The makers of a breathalyzer app called BAC Tracker looked at user data from NFL fans in different cities, checked what their average blood alcohol content was on game day this season, and came up with the ten teams with the drunkest fans.

And congratulations go out to fans of the Buffalo Bills, who are the drunkest in the NFL with an average blood alcohol level of 0.076. Caw cat, that's just under the legal limit to drive!

Lions and Eagles fans are tied at second with a 0.069, followed by the Browns, Cardinals, Chargers, Dolphins, Colts, Redskins, and 49ers.

Two interesting observations -- 1) Most of these teams stink this year. 2) Saints fans didn't make this list??? It's The Big Easy for crying out loud!

(See the complete rankings here.)

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