In Louisiana, we do a lot of driving. Sometimes it’s not by choice it’s just simply the best way to get around. When you consider many of our smaller communities don’t have air service and besides to fly from Lafayette to Lake Charles you’d probably have to go through Atlanta, Dallas, or Houston.

Still, there are some roads in our state that have become notorious for depleting the motoring public’s disposable income. While we do have an Interstate Highway system that connects most of our major cities. Quite often it’s our state highways that offer the best opportunity for an unsuspecting lead-footed driver to have a personal conversation with one of our many, well-respected officers whose job it is to keep the roadways safe from motorists who choose to travel faster than the posted speed.

Let me make one point perfectly clear here at the outset. I do not blame any peace officer or member of law enforcement for Louisiana’s love affair with speeding. These officers are simply doing the job they were hired to do in the way they were trained to do it. If you get popped for speeding, it probably was because you were.

As for myself, I don’t worry so much about speed traps. That’s because I have no “need for speed”. If I want to get to my destination early, I will get on the road sooner so that I won’t have to overdrive our state’s impeccably maintained roadways and run the risk of an accident.

South Louisiana's Most Infamous Speed Traps

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