I'll admit it, I love things sparkling clean at my house, but it takes a lot of work. A lot. So when I saw a list from the Washington Post on things that you probably don't think about cleaning, but should, I was shocked. With that in mind, I wanted to share, so that we can all feel good about where we live!

  • Ceiling Fans - should be cleaned every other month
  • Baseboards - if you're not always looking down, you just might miss the dirt and dust accumulating. Wipe clean with a sponge
  • Shower Heads - wipe clean every other week, and deep clean twice a year
  • Insides of the washer and dryer - clean as needed before mold, mildew and lint build up. You can do a lot prevent a fire just by cleaning the lint tray in the dryer after every use
  • Inside the Dishwasher - there are several ways to banish dishwasher odors, including running an empty cycle with a bowl of white vinegar in the top rack. Also, remove the filter screen and clean as needed
  • Oven Racks - if they fit, put them in your dishwasher!
  • Mattresses - invest in a good quality mattress cover that can be washed every three to four months. This is your best protection against dust mites, bed bugs, and liquids
  • Laundry Hampers - depending on what they are made of, they can be washed or wiped down with disinfectant to prevent odors
  • Refrigerator coils - super important to clean these, so that your fridge can run efficiently. They are usually located behind a metal plate that can be unscrewed
  • Knife Block - often overlooked for cleaning, but super important to get crumbs and other food  cleaned out of the crevices. You should also soak your knife block in hot water with soap, but make sure it's all the way dry before you put the knives back in place

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