If you travel the U.S. a bit, you know there are some places where folks dance to the beat of their own drum. I've always thought what makes us different, makes us cool.

But when you're different, you set yourself up to getting ridiculed, especially in these times we live in.

Some real estate blog called Movoto decided they would release a list of America's 10 worst dressed cities. The rankings are based on high-end clothing, jewelry, and shoe stores per capita, plus the number of tailors, seamstresses, and fashion schools.

I only post something like this because for once, no place in Louisiana made the list!!!

#1) Wichita, Kansas

#2) Colorado Springs, Colorado

#3) El Paso, Texas

#4) Jacksonville, Florida

#5) Louisville, Kentucky

#6) Tulsa, Oklahoma

#7) Albuquerque, New Mexico

#8) San Antonio, Texas

#9) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

#10) Indianapolis, Indiana


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