If you put $100 in your pocket and traveled state to state, the $100 would change value as you crossed state lines. Cost of living, the price of gasoline and other factors change the value of that cash. So, how much is $100 worth in Louisiana?

Taxfoundation.com says $100 is actually $109.65. That sounds pretty good to me! Even better, is that that value is up from $109.41 from the previous year.

From nola.com -

"We are a very unusual state in that we have the highest homestead exemption than any state in the nation by a large margin," Scott says. Louisiana exempts $75,000 off the top of local property taxes for homeowners. The next highest is in Florida, where homestead exemptions start at $25,000."

Where can you go to get the most bang for your buck? You won't have to travel far, because Mississippi turns your $100 into whopping' $115.21!

The District of Columbia is where your cash takes a nosedive as $100 is only worth $84.96.


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