Designating a driver is always a good idea if you have been drinking.  However,the choice of a designated driver should be made from those old enough and licensed to operate a motor vehicle. Needless to say a Florida man made two mistakes this weekend. His first mistake was having too much to drink. His second mistake was thinking that his girlfriend's 11 year old daughter would make a good designated driver.

Needless to say this started badly and ended worse when the little girl lost control of the vehicle careened through a fence and broke a water pipe sending torrents of water as high as 50 feet in the air. Donald Leet was charged with child neglect in the incident and probably should have been charged with more. This after insulted arresting officers and then disclosed another reason why the little girl was behind the wheel, his drivers license had been suspended.

car hydrant

Oddly enough deputies could not charge this knuckle head with driving while intoxicated, after all he wasn't behind the wheel. That was the only good choice he made all day.

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