There are crimes we have to worry about today that we couldn't even imagine in the 1960's. There were probably computers but regular people didn't have them. There may have been mobile phones but only scientist and really powerful people had those.

Most of us kept our possessions safe by trusting our fellow man. I don't remember ever having to lock the door on the house I grew up in. We didn't need car alarms because people didn't steal cars where I lived. Home security was a dog. Chances are the dog would like you to death before actually biting you.

Still there were some places in the world where security was a necessary evil. I guess one of those places would be anywhere you had to transport large sums of money or secret cold war spy documents. Thank GOD there were great inventions like this anti-theft brief case. There was no way you could get away with stealing this case. It's technology that would still work today and probably get you involved in a lawsuit too.

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