You see it time and time again, viral videos posted on social media of kids (and adults) fighting with little to no intervention from the spectators. Often times, you hear the on-lookers egging on the participants.

It's a sad reality from some members of our society.

The police in Morgan City did a little fighting back themselves. Four adults and 17 juveniles were arrested there after a three-month investigation into fights that were posted to YouTube and Facebook.

According to Morgan City Police, they began investigating after 14 fights that happened in their city were posted online to Facebook and YouTube.

Detectives found that 21 people (17 juveniles, four adults) were involved in the fights. The oldest person involved in the fights was 59 years old.

"In some of these instances, it was discouraging to learn that some adults had actually incited such activity rather than intervene," police said in a news release.

Nine of the suspects were arrested for multiple fights.

Police are urging parents to pursue summer youth programs and to call the Morgan City Police Department at 985-380-4605 to report fights.