Was this not the most bizarre thing you had ever seen in your life? It was like a long slow agonizing parade. At my house back then there were no kids so Jill and I sat up and watched this "fascinating human drama" unfold.

The date was June 17, 1994. It seemed like a typical late spring day around the country. We had heard the tragic news of O.J. Simpson's wife and another person being brutally murdered. We never thought it was O.J. that could have done it. Then this happened.

Where were you when O.J. and Al took off in the infamous white Bronco? Did you watch it at home? I know of several people who watched it in a bar. Were you cheering for O.J.? Do you think he was actually guilty of the murder of his wife and Ron Goldman?

When you think about it, this was the beginning of America's Reality TV obsession.

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