After your kids come home from trick-or-treating, they're going to want to dive right into the candy. There's three simple things you can do to protect their teeth.

Lets be honest, even as grown ups, we get really excited about how much free candy comes into the house for Halloween. For those with children, it becomes less exciting when the toothaches start and you have to make that dreadful dentist visit.

Here are three simple tips to help keep your kids' teeth cavity free this Halloween:

  • Try to avoid giving them candy with caramel in it. It leads to more cavities because it sticks to your teeth. (That means more candy for you!)
  • Before going trick-or-treating, have your children drink a lot of water. It will help to fight their candy cravings so they will not eat as much.
  • As hard as it seems, only give kids candy after a meal. This will also keep them from eating too many sweets.

Also remind the little ones to brush their teeth before bed. If they had a lot of candy that day, make sure to help them floss for any candy that may be left behind.

We all know the sound of that drill isn't something that anyone likes. So, lets take a little extra precaution this Halloween and keep the cavities away!

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