A few weeks ago the emoji world got quite the shake up with the unveiling of a whole plethora of new faces, objects, expressions and the like.

Let's face it, it's basically how we talk on the phone these days.

And now we are getting a bigger vocabulary. There is nonprofit organization called Unicode Consortium that governs Internet standards and that includes regulating the official set of emoji.

Who the heck knew that this was someone's job?

Anyhow, they've just announced the approval of 38 new emojis which will be added to the current set.

Here are some of the notable additions:

  • a clown face
  • a nauseated face
  • a drooling face
  • a hand holding a camera to take a selfie
  • a handshake
  • a hand with the fingers crossed
  • a pregnant woman
  • a guy shrugging

Some of the objects that will be included are:

  • a wilted flower
  • a scooter (I'm so happy)
  • an avocado
  • a potato
  • bacon
  • a duck
  • an eagle
  • a shark

Here's the bad part -- you'll have to wait a bit to get these on your favorite platform or device. These newbies probably won't appear until June of next year.

And it's up to companies like Apple, Google, and Twitter to add the new emoji to their keyboards.


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