Labor Day is right around the corner and no doubt the grills will be fired up across south Louisiana and the country.

Personally, burgers are my favorite thing to grill. (That is if I can't find a good chicken patty, like when I'm no where near Nunu's!)

If you're like me and not the greatest chef in the world, however, some times cooking the perfect burger can be a challenge.

I found this great list online from Thrillist of four ways we all may be grilling our burgers wrong. This is sure to help all of us in our pursuit of the perfect grilled burger.

  1. Don't use burgers with too much fat. Ground beef with higher fat content is usually cheaper though. Now, that's fine when you're grilling on the stove, but when fat drips on the grill, you get those fun flare-ups. And you might burn the outside while the inside is still uncooked.
  2. Don't season them too soon. Putting salt on your burgers tend to dry them out, especially if you use too much or do it too soon. So the best thing to do is season your meat right before you put it on the grill.
  3. Don't cut into your burgers to see how well they're done. If you need to see how well they're cooked, do it with just one of them. However, since you've dried out a burger, that one's yours, chef!
  4. Don't let the buns get soggy, because who wants soggy buns! This will happen if you make a bunch of burgers at the same time, and immediately put them on buns for people. If that's the way you like to do it, put a slice of cheese under the burger, that way it protects the bun from the juices.

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