What thoughts race through your mind when you see a video like this? Do you think WOW that's spectacular or do you think WOW, who has the kind of time to do this sort of thing? I would probably fall more into the latter personally. I do marvel at the time and patience and stable hands it would take to create such a work of art. Quite frankly it makes me nervous to see stuff like this.Disaster could strike at any minute.

I still get jittery when I think of the Brady Bunch episode about the sewing machine and the row boat. Don't you remember? The Brady's had collected all of these trading stamps and they had to decide how to spend them by building a house of cards. I personally would have kicked the dog into next week for doing what he did but they were the Brady Bunch and I am not. Regardless enjoy 45 hundred dominoes falling together as one. Geez what a total waste of time.