In the real story of Christmas there are no bad guys. There are lots of good guys in fact. In my humble opinion that is a story that needs to be more popular than some of the holiday specials you will see listed below, but alas we don't always pay attention the way we should.

The Christmas TV Special almost always has a bad guy or girl who by the end of the show is magically transformed into a loving, giving, charitable, and compassion creature by the magic of the season.  I know people like that. I am a person like that. The Christmas Season weighs heavily on me like a fruitcake soaked in Bisquik. However, I will eventually shake off the negative thoughts and go back to a humble beginning in a quiet little town where a baby in a manager came to be so that I might live forever in peace.

Since there are bad guys and gals in almost every special we only chose to spotlight five of them. If you've got some more you'd like to add to the list then leave a comment because we can always do a Part II.

  • Scrooge Bigby Wolf via You Tube
    Scrooge Bigby Wolf via You Tube

    Ebenezer Scrooge

    He is the king of the bad guys when it comes to Christmas. His story has been portrayed by Bill Murray, Spongebob Squarepants, Michael Caine, Walter Matthau, George C. Scott and the voice of CNN James Earl Jones.  Scrooge didn't like the idea of wasting time and money on Christmas. However after a few visits by some heavenly hosts or what we call ghosts he was brought to his senses in time to buy a goose and head over to Tiny Tim's place for dinner and drinks.

  • The Grinch gemtracker Via You Tube
    The Grinch gemtracker Via You Tube

    The Grinch

    The tiny hearted, cave dwelling, dog abusing, resident of Mount Crumpit. From his lair located just a few moments north of scenic Whoville this monster of a beast had plans to stop Christmas from  coming. He thought that Christmas was presents and bows, jingtinglers and roast beast. Alas Christmas was none of that and the Grinch probably succumbed to a condition known as an enlarged heart. No wait, his heart grew three sizes and was filled with the spirit of the season.

  • Abomnibal Snow Monster Dennis Driscoll via You Tube
    Abomnibal Snow Monster Dennis Driscoll via You Tube

    The Abominable Snow Monster

    If this guy had Jim Henson's team as his advisers he could have been a muppet but no, he had to be all scary and stuff. His first appearance during the annual broadcast of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer telecast always made me hide behind a pillow. He wasn't flying monkey scary but still as I kid I remember not liking the "Bumble". In the end with his teeth removed and looking like a Tennessee Hillbilly, the Snow Monster came over to the good side and was actually in charge of tree top decorating at Santa's house.

  • Winter Warlock Mel G via You Tube
    Winter Warlock Mel G via You Tube

    Winter Warlock

    This guy could have probably gotten a gig working with the Harry Potter people on some of their movies. In fact he looks  strikingly similar to one of the head wizards doesn't he? From the holiday epic Santa Claus is Coming To Town, the Winter Warlock was the road construction between Kris Kringle's house and Sombertown where another S.O.B. the Burgermeister was making life very unpleasant for kids. In the end it was the Winter Warlock who gave up the magic corn that allowed the reindeer to fly. He also fired up the first Christmas Trees at Kris and Jessica's wedding.

  • Miser Brothers djclyve via You Tube
    Miser Brothers djclyve via You Tube

    Heat Miser & Snow Miser

    Okay so we really have six bad boys of holiday specials but you can't have one of these guys without mentioning the other. Like many bad children they come from a good family. Their mom is Mother Nature. Granted like a lot of parents she has full time job and keeping these two knuckleheads in line is like trying to herd cats or push a rope. You can do it, but it will frustrate the heck out of you. Eventually Maw Nature, with the help of Mrs. Santa Claus, gets these two guys to see the error of their ways and Christmas does in fact come like it's supposed to.

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