Deep in everyone of us is a magical barometer. It doesn't measure the air pressure of the atmosphere around us instead it is our guide between right and wrong. The problem with this barometer is the readings it gives our conscious mind are often not absolute. Thus the term gray area was invented. The determination we reach is absolutely wrong but the circumstances surrounding the determination tend to swing the wrong outcome into the "it's okay" category.

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    Going To The Movies

    What right or wrong could there be with going to the movies? It cost a lot of money to take your family to the movies. You can sure save money if you buy your snacks somewhere else can't you? Tickets are expensive too, here is how you can get the family in for a lower price.  Buy one adult ticket and purchase the rest of them at children's prices. When you approach the ticket taker put the adult ticket on top of the stack. Chances are he will never dig through the stack of tickets. If you're still a little nervous about this you can ask where the bathroom is the same time you hand him the tickets. Is it honest? Nope. Have I tried it? Yep. Do I feel good about it? When the movie sucks I feel really good about it.

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    A Clipboard Can Get You Backstage

    As a rule people are non confrontational in just about every situation. Unless you are paid to be a security guard you really don't know or care who goes where in a given venue. The idea is to act like you know what you are doing. I have found that carrying a clipboard or notepad with a pencil behind my ear gives me a certain air of authority. I can't tell you the number of limited access venues I have been able to just walk right into. I have found that if you do get questioned the best response is to say, " I'm here to get a table to take up front". This gives you a specific purpose for being in a restricted area. It also indicates that you aren't trying to sneak in. You are working. You should give it a try the next time you want to get back to where the free food is.

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    Own The Armrest In An Airplane

    Airline seats are tiny even if you aren't a big fat butt like me. I usually fly with my wife or with close friends so I very seldom have to use this little trick to gain control of the most coveted space on the plane, the armrest. Ownership of the armrest goes to the most aggressive passenger. If being an aggressive ass is not your style try this. Simply cough into the arm you want to place on the rest. Make it a good hacking cough too. Then slide that germ riddled elbow right up next to their pristine and unsoiled arm. They will move it. I even had a guy change seats one time.

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    Free Phone Chargers!

    If you ever find yourself without a charger for your telephone and you don't want to spend a couple of bucks to purchase a replacement have I got a deal for you. Hotels have a lot of phone chargers. Most of them were left in rooms by forgetful travelers. If you've lost a charger simply walk up to the front desk of any major hotel and mention to the clerk that you stayed in the hotel a few weeks ago and left your charger. You were wondering if someone might have placed it in the lost and found. Chances are they will have a charger to fit your phone and will gladly allow you to take it for free.

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    Spencer Platt, Getty Images

    Choose Espanol For Faster Service

    There are a lot of people that get really irritated that Spanish is even an option when calling for customer service. I understand that. The truth is it's not going to change so you might as well use it to your advantage. So when given the option of English or Spanish choose Spanish. You should next hit the "0" button. Why does this work? Since many call centers are now in India a Spanish speaker is a rarity. Chances are you will be routed to a call center in the U.S. Also Spanish only operators are the exception, most of them are bilingual. By following these method you will most likely be speaking to an American customer service agent who just happens to speak Spanish.

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