The holidays are here and the gift-giving has already commenced. For the next 25 days, presents will be exchanged a plenty amongst those you know and love.

And then there's the office. It happens to all of us. We either give or get gifts at work.

Now, if you are going to do the giving, make sure you keep it in line. Give work-appropriate stuff. (You know, stuff like Might Putty or Bill Mays' "Big City Sliders".)

Here are five things expert say you should never give to a co-worker for the holidays:

  1. Lingerie -- This one is obvious, but also don't give gift cards to places like Victoria's Secret or anywhere else that might be inappropriate.
  2. A Self-Help Book -- Especially if it's about work or how to do their job better.
  3. Something Used -- Well, unless you're doing the White Elephant thing. It is okay, however, to re-gift something if it's still in its original packaging.
  4. Perfume or Cologne -- This would imply the person smells funky.
  5. Anything That Revolves Around Religion -- Unless you really, really know the person well.

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