You've heard that expression before huh? The "poked to death with a  thumbtack" saying its the one I am talking about. It basically means a little annoyance that drives you to the point of a nervous breakdown or some other newsworthy carnage. Thumbtacks aren't the only thing that get my proverbial goat. Here are five others. See how many make your list. Please feel free to drop me a line with yours

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    Staff Photo

    Long Receipts

    This tends to happen at the drugstore more than any other store. You pop in to buy a bottle of antacid, a Monster Energy Drink, and a protein bar. You'd think you'd get a receipt that's about five inches long. You'd be wrong. You're going to get about three feet of receipts, coupons, and invitations to take a survey on how your experience was.

  • restlessglobetrotter, Getty Images
    restlessglobetrotter, Getty Images

    Your Change Sir

    I often times pay with cash because I am trusted with credit cards. It has something to do with the fact that I am the proud owner of seven of the "as seen on TV' My Pillows. So, when I get my change the cashier places the bill in my hand and the coins on top of the bill. Wait a second. Let's do the bills and then let me get my change in a second handful. The result of this is my wallet won't close because I stuffed all the change in there with my four pounds of receipts and two dollars.

  • Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images
    Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images

    Forever Turners

    No, I am not talking about the Fairly Odd Parents or Ted the media mogul. I am talking about the people that take a full five minutes, I am exaggerating, to make a right turn. It's possible to sweep that corner and get your mini-van out of my way.  But no, Mr or Mrs "Slow Turner" are going to put that blinker on, maybe, and then take their sweet time making that hard to maneuver move into the Walmart.

  • John Moore/Getty Images
    John Moore/Getty Images

    Blinking Yellow Turn Arrows

    This is the traffic signal that is daring you to have a  blunt force trauma crash in the middle of an intersection. The idea is that when the "yellow caution arrow" is flashing you can make a left turn if it's safe to do so. Not only do you have to consider oncoming traffic you never know when blinking yellow is going to go to solid yellow and then red in the blink of an eye. Leaving you smiling on the traffic camera wishing you'd never driven on this road, to begin with.

  • Adam Berry, Getty Images
    Adam Berry, Getty Images

    Group Texts

    These are especially difficult to manage when you see a few of your contacts listed and then some random numbers included in the text. Well heck, I am afraid to comment because my comments might not be in line with the mystery people included. That's why I have a tendency to avoid group texts, group Facebook messages, and groups of people in general.

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