The controversy that is Draq Queen story time proposed for the Lafayette Public Library continues to create angst among some in the community. One group is reportedly circulating a petition to ask the Lafayette City-Parish Council to take a stand on the issue.  Meanwhile, some of us are wondering what other kinds of "Queen" themed story times there could be.

  • Win McNamee/Getty Images
    Win McNamee/Getty Images

    Dairy Queen Story Time

    During this story time, the children are inundated with messages about the glories of fan food, not fast food. They'll hear tales of Blizzards that fell out of the cup and the horrific day the ice cream machine broke. If they gave out free samples this would be the most widely attended story time in the history of story times.

  • Fribourg2012 via YouTube
    Fribourg2012 via YouTube

    Delta Queen Story Time

    This hour of tales would focus on the big paddle boats and life along the Mississippi River during the early 1800's. I am pretty sure the presenters could leave off the parts about the slavery, the prostitution, and the illicit gambling and behavior that was common along the nation's waterways during this time in our history.

  • Chadman2000 via YouTube
    Chadman2000 via YouTube

    Mississippi Queen Story Time

    We could also call this Classic Rock story time as told by members of the rock band Mountain. The band could tell tales from experiences at Woodstock in 1969 if they can remember any of them. They could also teach the kids the importance that the proper amount of cowbell makes to a popular rock recording.

  • ABBA via YouTube
    ABBA via YouTube

    Dancing Queen Story Time

    Youngsters will be treated to stories based on the popular recordings of the Swedish band ABBA. I am sure participants at some time during the course of the story will feel the beat of the tambourine. They can dance, they can jive, all while having the time of their lives.

  • Speed Queen Washing Machine Review via YouTube
    Speed Queen Washing Machine Review via YouTube

    Speed Queen Story Time

    In this case, library workers would simply place open storybooks on the top of Speed Queen appliances and then turn them on. True, the children won't get much of a story but mom and dad could bring the family laundry to the library and sit and watch these fine appliances covered in books do what they do.

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