People in other parts of the world do not drive the way we Americans drive. Sure we all can file a thousand complaints about traffic and idiot drivers here in our own corner of the world but let me tell you in other places it is worse.

In Rome, Vespa scooters scream in and around cars stopped at traffic lights and in turning lanes. In Naples Italy trying to cross the street even at cross walk with the green light is like an open invitation for target practice. In Turkey, I don't think they even have traffic laws I think it's the guy with the biggest vehicle wins.

Why do people in other countries drive like total idiots? It's because the music in other countries sucks! They don't have our great driving tunes to help them get where they need to get in the right frame of mind. Here are some of my favorite tunes for doing just that.

I need to get there in a great big hurry: Drinking My Baby Goodbye- Charlie Daniels Band. For me this is the ultimate open road, no traffic, don't see any cops let's let the horses run kind of song. Picture a beautiful sunny day and lots of wide open asphalt.


I need time to think about the one that got away: Everywhere- Tim McGraw. There is line in this song that speaks of seeing "you just beyond the high beams". Whether its a lost love or someone we've loved and lost this song is perfect for an open country road at dusk.


I don't know where I'm going but I can't stay here : I'm Moving On- Rascal Flatts. We've all had to make big decisions in our lives, sometimes that means leaving what is familiar and driving on to another phase in our lives. I find this song fits perfectly at sunrise on a Sunday morning when you know it is time for you be somewhere other than where you currently happen to be.

I don't really need my keys because I can't find my car: I think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink - Merle Haggard. Not all driving songs require a car. In fact this song sums up how I feel about drinking and driving, DON'T. This might be more of a sitting on the tailgate in the driveway kind of song instead of a keys in the ignition song but it's Merle so it has to be on the list.

I am in charge of refreshments and we need to go get some more; Eastbound and Down - Jerry Reed. Every party will run out of refreshments and somebody has got to be the Snowman. Snowman was Jerry Reed's handle from the greatest movie ever made Smoky and The Bandit. This is a great song for heading to the store and back before the second half kick off if you ask me.


As you can see by my list, not every song is about racing around at breakneck speed. I find a great driving song fits the mood, the road and the time of day. I wish you happy and safe motoring. Remember to buckle your seat belt and never drink and drive. Singing and driving is okay, as long as you are by yourself.

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