We all have quirky tendencies. There are the ones we have that people see, and there are the ones that stay private inside of our heads. It's not that they're bad and we don't want people to think we're nuts, we just don't think anyone else does these things. Well, as I've come to find out, we all share many of these nutty little OCD behaviors. Here are five of mine that I bet you do, but thought you were the only one.

1) Try To Switch Lanes Without Hitting Reflectors On The Road - I usually do this while traveling on a highway. If I need to switch lanes, I try to do it so that as I'm changing lanes my tires go right between the reflectors on the road without hitting them. You thought you were the only one huh?

2) Use Only Times That End In Odd Numbers When Using The Microwave - You would think using only even times when using a microwave would be way more pleasing, right? Well, for my strange brain, using time ending in odd numbers is what does it for me. Heating up a hamburger? I'll heat it for 47 seconds. If it's not hot enough, I'll toss it back in for another 23 seconds. This goes for the oven as well. If instructions call for the cooking time to be 15 to 20 minutes, I'm going to set the timer for 17 minutes. I probably have Mad Cow Disease.

3) Use A Paper Towel To Open Bathroom Door When Leaving - When using a bathroom, I always wash my hands. When I'm using a public restroom, I wash my hands, grab three paper towels (always three paper towels...sorry Mike) but keep them in my hand to shield my newly clean hand against all the creepy crawlies waiting for me on the door knob. Is this too much information?

4) Cut My Grass Vertically - Common sense tells me cutting my lawn horizontally, side to side, is the more efficient way to get the job done. However I cut my grass vertically, up and down. Why? When I pass in front of my house and the grass is cut this way, I can see the lines in the grass, somewhat like the lines in your carpet when you vacuum, or like driving past a football field.

5) I Ate The Same Lunch In High School Everyday For 4 Years - From the start of my Freshman year through my last day as a Senior in High School, I ate the exact same lunch every day. Ham and cheese sandwich, cut diagonally into triangles, one 1.75oz bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and an apple. Every day. Once my dad asked me "Son, do you want something else for lunch?" in a very concerned tone. I responded quickly "No Sir."

Bonus Strangeness - The kitchen sink in my house must be clean and spotless. From top to bottom, every inch. Funny thing is, I don't care about bathroom sinks. Maybe it's just metal sinks that make me go all wacky.

Bonus Bonus Strangeness - When I eat Twizzlers, I have to eat them in threes. If I want another after the first three, I have to get three more. Then I wind up crying in the corner because I've eaten the entire bag.

Do you have any of these odd tendencies?

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