I used the word squat because my sense of decency would not allow me to reference male cow droppings in the headline of this article. I think you know what I mean. These items are things we all talk about. Sometimes we even argue about them. Sometimes, families are split and people get fired because of them. Still, they are what they are, organic fertilizer that's perfect for starting a conversation.

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    College Football Polls

    On a given weekend there are over 50 college football games played across the nation. There is no possible way a "voter" in a college football poll can watch all of those games. They can't even consume the highlights of that many games and develop an accurate opinion of the strength of that team. College football polls are made for TV. This is so we have a reason to watch Verne Lundquist and that God awful duck every Saturday afternoon.

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    Prescriptions are like medical wishes from your health care provider. They contain a magic language that your pharmacist can read. It's all well and good until we meet the devil in the details your insurance company. Your prescription is just a piece of paper unless your pharmacy can turn it into lifesaving or healing medicine. Your insurance holds the key. If they approve you get to be well. If they don't you get the medicine they, the insurance company, believes is best for your health.

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    Votes of Confidence

    When you hear a supervisor issue a "vote of confidence" to a subordinate you can almost take it to the bank that the employee in question will be unemployed in a matter of weeks if not days. This phrase is often used in sports to buy time for organizations to secure the services of a new coach when the old coach isn't working out.

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    This Is Not A Sales Call

    Those of you who still live in the Dark Ages as I do and have a landline telephone you know this phrase. It comes from telephone numbers that are out-of-area or unlisted. As soon as they start with the phrase "this is not a sales call" you can bet they want your money. I had a guy call  me yesterday just to give me a stock tip. I told him the only stock I knew about was cattle and sheep. Still,he persisted with the call. It wasn't until I asked him what he was wearing did he disconnect the call.

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    Andrew Kelly/Getty Images

    Let Me Look In The Back

    The only time this phrase has ever meant anything legitimate was when I was getting a prostate exam. The rest of the time "looking in the back" means "we don't have anymore and I want you to go away." You hear this phrase in retail establishments all the time. No, they don't have a size 12 or this one in pink, or one that is fur lined and in a bikini cut. Looking in the back is the in-person equivalent of the check is in the mail.

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