You probably saw the story about the billboard where the tourism voice of the state of Alabama laid claim to the fact that Mobile "invented" Mardi Gras. We know the party started in Louisiana and no matter how you bend the message you can't change the facts. That got us to thinking, there were probably some things that Alabama did invent and because we in Louisiana are good neighbors we thought we'd share those with you.

  • FLuffee Talks via YouTube
    FLuffee Talks via YouTube

    The Tramp Stamp

    This now notorious tattoo most likely had its humble beginnings in L.A. that's lower Alabama. Some historians believe that a large Alabama lady had the artwork done on her backside right above her buttocks as a safety precaution. This way if she passed out face down drunk in the sand her companions could roll her over and prevent suffocation before a wayward Hermit Crab made a home in the gap between her teeth.

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    The Speed Trap

    This method of funding local government is believed to have started on the outskirts of Montgomery, the capital city of Alabama. The idea was to abruptly lower the posted speed by displaying a speed limit sign that was totally obstructed from motorists view. This would allow local officers the freedom to pick and choose from cars displaying out of state tags as they whizzed by in a desperate attempt to get out of the state.

  • LSUBARITONE1 via YouTube
    LSUBARITONE1 via YouTube

    Selling Your Soul To The Devil

    In an effort to provide at least one positive image for the state, high ranking state officials reportedly made a deal with the underworld. In that deal, Satan, sent Paul "Bear" Bryant to Tuscaloosa to coach the football team. The leaders of the underworld felt pity for Bryant and allowed him to eventually die. The deal lapsed during the Mike Shula, Dennis Franchione, Mike Dubose, Joe Kines era at Alabama but was eventually reinstated when the Devil himself took over the program about ten years ago.

  • talking bra17 via YouTube
    talking bra17 via YouTube

    Underboob Sweat

    Although we can't technically give Alabama natives credit for inventing underboob sweat we can say they perfected it and made it popular. Fashion houses, also known as t-shirt shops, noted that the curved ring of perspiration that forms under a sweaty bosom had a strong resemblance to the curvature of the tri-oval at Talladega Superspeedway. They went with it and it worked.

  • georgiabigfoot via YouTube
    georgiabigfoot via YouTube

    Fireworks Stands

    I can't find evidence of the exact year but there had to have been a law passed that made sure that at every state line crossing there would be at least three fireworks stands on the Alabama side. The story that has been passed down through history suggests that Darryl "Three Fingers" Baldwin wanted to make sure that everyone who traveled through the state had the opportunity to remove body parts with explosive and concussive devices.

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