Did you know that people sometimes don't tell the truth on Facebook? I know I was very shocked to learn that. It's no wonder I have trust issues. Okay there is your daily dose of sarcasm. We all probably bend the truth until we can't recognize it on Facebook and other forms of social media. Why do we lie? Why do women lie more than men? That's coming up but first let's discuss the five things we're most likely to lie about.

  • Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
    Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

    Alex Trebek Is Tied Up And Naked In Our Closet

    You know another way to say that might be "My relationship status is not exactly as I portray it to be on my Facebook page". You have to admit the thought of the host of TV's Jeopardy! in a compromising position grabbed your attention didn't it? Unless you do happen to have Alex Trebek bound with duct tape in your closet, chances are you've stretched the truth. Your significant other isn't really that romantic or just maybe sometimes you two don't even talk at night. It's okay. Sometimes life isn't a Harlequin Romance even though we wish it could be.

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    Submitted Photo

    I Have A Corner Office And A Great View Of The City

    While most people might think that description is fitting of a high ranking executive it also describes the place where a city bus driver works too. We tend to lie about our jobs on social media. We want people to think we are successful, We think a fancy title or a nice office or the fact that we aren't required to wear a paper hat makes us more desirable. It's great to want to have a better job. It's wonderful to aspire to have a better job. Your friends will like you regardless of what your job is.

  • Kevin Winter/Getty Images
    Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    I Am Actually Four Sheets To The Wind

    I've never really understood why we feel a need to tell others just how out of control we behaved under the influence of alcohol. If you had a lot to drink last night, quick go check your bathroom and see if Alex Trebek is tied up in there. Bragging about booze consumption seems to make us feel more wild and carefree. Nobody brags about needing a friend to hold their hair while they pray to the porcelain god do they? We like to lie about how drunk we were. Maybe we need an explanation for all those awful photos and mindless videos that are posted to our page.

  • George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images
    George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

    We Walked To Cuba From Orange Beach

    Facebook was meant for people to share pictures of their vacation. I think most people share those pictures for two reasons. The first is to let other people know being on vacation if fun and being at work sucks. Second, to create an image of a magical time that was probably filled with fights about sand in the sheets, three loads of laundry in one day, and being drunk by 10:30 AM. Most of us exaggerate our vacation experiences when the fact is the subtle truth of being on a beach or mountain top or in a tent or on a train or being somewhere tied up with Alex Trebek is good enough.

  • Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    I Am Ghost Writing A Novel About A Psycho Who Kidnaps Alex Trebek

    The real translation of that statement is this. I am at home alone in my pajama pants. I am eating a half gallon of Blue Bell right out of the carton. I have nothing going on in my life. I don't want to admit that to you. I created a story about why I couldn't make it to Golden Corral with the rest of the Bible study group so you wouldn't think I was boring or ignoring you. I am both boring and ignoring but that would make me look bad in the ever adjudicating eye of social media.

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