The truth will set you free. I would be willing to bet that most of us are not free if that statement is absolutely correct. What is a lie? For most of us a lie is an untruth that is told in an egregious or malice manner.  Basically it's when we use words to intentionally mislead people or deflect bad feelings on us personally.

Many of us do believe in stretching the truth to the breaking point when it comes sparing the feelings of a friend, family member, co-worker, or cop.  In the instance of the cop we aren't usually lying to spare the officer's feelings we are misrepresenting the truth to save our own skin or dodge a citation.

So, what are the  most common lies that most of don't perceive to actually be lies but they really are.

10: I am fine / I didn't do it. You will use at least one of those today.

9: I will be home in 5 minutes / I'm stuck in traffic. Uh no, just no, you won't and you aren't. You live in Cankton there's only one red light.

8: Sorry I couldn't take your call. The truth is I wouldn't take your call. I'm avoiding you.I don't have time to listen to you whine.

7: I just love it!  Think about it,Billy Bass, a macrame bra, macaroni art, they suck. Imagine if we had to tell our kids the truth about their art work. Lot's of therapy would be involved.

6:Oh Yeah, that makes sense. It doesn't and you're a moron for believing it does. This is a politically correct way of calling someone stupid.

5: Wow ! You look great in that dress. If you're a cow heading to a rodeo or you want to be confused with a 1970's sofa then you look great, but really you don't.

4: I wasn't waiting for your call. Truth, I have phone marks on the side of my head. People who buy illegal drugs say this all the time.

3: Don't worry! It will be okay! Men say this to crying women all the time. So do financial planners as they are packing their bags to leave the country with your money.

2. I will start my diet on Monday . I didn't specify which Monday, just said Monday. Until that time I will eat deep fried cake and bacon and wash it down with cheese from a squirt can.

1. I don't lie. Well read the above items and you'll find out you do. Don't worry it will be okay, wait that's number 3. You liar!


Let's give credit where credit is do. We utilized a great article from to create this article.They have an even more hilarious take on these lies that what we've included. If you like things in list form, they are the best on the internet. Okay, maybe they don't. You'd have to check them out yourself to see if I was telling the truth or not.



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