We all have some unique mannerisms, habits, and " go to" methods we employ to keep us from doing stupid things. Stupid things can be described in a number of different ways but a nice blanket description is "those actions that if we had just planned a little better could have been prevented". Prevention is what we're focusing on here. Contributors on the website Reddit were asked to submit some of their "just in case" habits that help them from falling prey to their own humanity. Here are some that I found to be most helpful.

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    Hand On Your Keys

    Locking your keys inside your car or your home is about as helpless a feeling as a human can have. Okay, helpless as in how dumb can I really be helpless. Here's a tip. Never close your car door or the door to your home without at least one hand on your keys. I do that every morning when I walk out of the house and when I lock the car. Granted, it's easier for guys since we can just put our hands in our pockets.

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    Make Sure The Call Is Over Before You Speak

    In the olden days, you actually set the phone down on top of a button that disconnected the line. With today's modern phones you're  hoping that your finger actually disconnected the call. That's why I always wait for the screen to go dark or I push the end call button many times before I speak. I'd advise using this idea if you're ever on conference calls. No reason to let the boss and all your co-workers know how you really feel until you have the next job lined up.

  • Matt Cardy/Getty Images
    Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    Check For Toilet Tissue Before You Sit

    Lonely is the man who has done his deed and not done his due diligence in regards to cleaning supplies. Things get very lonely when you have to ask a stranger to pass a roll underneath the wall of the stall because you didn't do your recon. It's not so bad in the privacy of your own home. You can always duck walk to the cabinet and hope there is another roll in reserve. If you're a man your next choice is those guest towels you never get to use.

  • JordiDelgado, ThinkStock
    JordiDelgado, ThinkStock

    Never Trust A Green Light

    The light turns green that means you get to go. That is true but just because the light has turned red in the other direction doesn't mean that car will actually stop. How many times have you raced the yellow to slide under a red? It happens, a lot. Some people are good at timing and they'll fly through the intersection right into your driver's door. It's better to pause, look, then go as opposed to waiting for an ambulance or the coroner.

  • Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
    Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

    Wiggle That Card Reader

    Today we use credit or debit cards for everything. I use mine a lot when I buy gas because human interaction is so 1999.  But before I swipe or insert my card into the gas pump, ATM, or any other stand alone credit card device I always see if the card reader is the real deal. You can usually verify that by giving it a good tug or a wiggle. If it moves then you need to move on or double check your Lifelock protection.

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